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holisticsystems by Michael Rinus

holistic music [re:]creation and roomacoustics

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What's Upon Our Mind

Music is a quite complex thing!

Musicians put a lot of effort into learning musical skills, creating a unique playing or singing style, simple tunes, harmonics, rhythms and concepts what their music is all about. Music therefore does not simply consist of simple sine tones which are often used for measuring, but of vastly complex compositions of many of them, each combined with complex microdynamic schemes which all put together - technically speaking - is music.

Much of this compleicity is created by the uniqueness the music is created by the individuals responsible for their existence. It can not only transport rhythm, sound and lyrics. Even more feelings are woven into the various and unique playing style of musicians, which you can easily feel when you attend an unplugged live concert.

Back home this deep impression fades easily, when you listen to your beloved recording your favourite artist was playing just hours ago right in front of you.

Why is that?!

by Michael Rinus
Kaiserswerther Strasse 124
D-40474 Duesseldorf